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I’m a biologist by background and have spent my entire career in biomedical research in one guise or another. Now that I am retired, I am pursuing my passion for remote places and wildlife. Making short films of these experiences allows me to share such a privileged opportunity with others. With many new trips to far flung places planned there will be many more films to come. I hope these films inspire a love for and respect of our wonderful planet and all its inhabitants. We only have one chance to preserve this amazing diversity of wildlife and environments for future generations. It saddens me that so many countries allow the hunting of many of the species that my films record.

I shoot video using a range of Sony cameras: PXW-Z150, a9 and a7sII. I use a range of lenses with the latter two cameras.

The still images are provided by my wife, Jenny Varley. More of her outstanding images from all of the trips on this site can be found at www.jennymvarley.co.uk.

Red Fox on a Bison carcass The Ravens were annoying this Red Fox A Coyote scavenging along the river bank Success for this wily Coyote! Icy Bison of Yellowstone The skies were clear and it was a cool -17C. The Bison didn't care! Gentoo Pengiuns, Neko Harbour, Antarctica Gentoo Penguins are highly gregarious and so great fun to watch King Penguins, Salisbury Plain, South Georgia Salisbury Plain on South Georgia is home to 60,000 pairs of King Penguins and their chicks. King Penguins, St Andrews Bay, South Georgia 150,000 pairs of King Penguins plus all their chicks is a truly remarkable sight! Black-browed Albatross At Steeple Jason in the Falkland Islands we marvelled at this Black-browed Albatross colony with 100,000 breeding pairs of birds. Rockhopper Penguins in the surf On the north shore of The Neck on Saunders Island in the Falklands, we found these Rockhopper penguins. They were doing what they do best: rock hopping! Puma family on a Guanaco kill What a sighting! A Puma family of mother and three, one-year cubs on a kill. Then to see the cubs playing made this the perfect encounter Puma family rest in the shade of a bush This Puma family were resting before heading off for their evening hunt Puma family at the lake side This almost lunar-like setting on the shores of Lago Sarmiento is the favoured day-time resting place for this Puma family. Puma family on a rocky outcrop Seeing this mother and her three, one-year old cubs was a highlight of our time in Torres del Paine, Patagonia Male Puma high up on a hill We found this magificent male Puma resting high up on a hill in gorgeous light. Puma on a Guanaco kill This female Puma had recently killed a newly-born Guanaco Sunrise over Torres del Paine from Laguna Amarga The view of the sunrise over "The Towers" from Laguma Amarga was breathtaking. Sunrise over Torres del Paine from Lago Grey Torres del Paine is an impressive sight at the best of times but at sunrise it is truly spectacular! Brown Bears at sunrise What a view as the sun rose over the Kenai Peninsular! Yearling Brown Bear cub has a good scratch. This yearling Brown Bear cub was very entertaining! Brown Bear fishing at Missak Many salmon can be seen in the river and this bear was very good at catching them! Brown Bears, Kukak Bay, Katmai. Kukak Bay is a spectacular place to watch Brown Bears in action. Brown Bear, Geographic Harbour, Katmai This Brown Bear spent a lot of time on its hind legs looking for fish and then to keep watch on an approaching bear. Coastal Gray Wolf, Geographic Harbor, Katmai. As we watched Brown Bears, this beautiful Coastal Gray Wolf paid us a surprise visit. Brown Bear with triplet cubs of the year. This gorgeous Brown Bear family in the Fireweed was a delight to watch as they feasted on salmon. Coastal Brown Bear fishing, Geographic Harbor, Katmai We called this bear Lazy Larry because he had one speed - slow. But he was efficient and proficient at catching Salmon Sparring Coastal Brown Bears, Kukak Bay, Katmai, Alaska It was a joy to watch these sub adult Coastal Brown Bears prepare for adult life by a prolonged bout of sparring. Polar Bear and two cubs feast on a Walrus carcass Polar Bear and two cubs feast on a Walrus carcass in glorious light Polar Bear on pack ice. Wrangel Island Close to Wrangel Island we found this bear on the pack ice. It found a walrus or seal flipper and carried it away. Two young Polar Bears play in the sea. Wrangel Island Just south of Wrangel Island, these two Polar Bears entertained us with their playful antics. Three Polar Bears near a Walrus Carcass. Wrangel Island. Close to Wrangel island, we came upon three Polar Bears near a Walrus Carcass. One bear was eating whilst the other two had clearly had their fill. Inquisitive Polar Bear. Near Wrangel Island, Russian Far East Just south of Wrangel Island, this young polar bear came to check us out. Playful Polar Bears. Wrangel Island These young Polar Bears entertained us for more than an hour. Fabulous experience. Polar Bear on a large ice floe. Wrangel Island A beautiful Polar Bear on a large ice floe near Wrangel Island. Polar Bear and two cubs on a Walrus kill. Wrangel Island. North of Wrangel Island this mother and her cubs were feasting on a Walrus carcass Walrus in the mist. Russian Far East As we sailed north towards Wrangel Island in the Russian Far East, this Walrus haul out emerged from the mist.
Coastal Brown Bear with cubs Watching this mother and her cubs was an absolute delight. Coastal Brown Bear with cubs of the year Up close and personal with a Coastal Brown Bear and her cubs of the year was an exhilarating experience! Gannets at Bempton Cliffs Magnificent Gannets soar on the wind Guadalupe Fur Seals, San Benitos Islands, April 2018 These rare and attractive yet feisty seals are a joy to watch. Polar bears with cubs in Svalbard We had several good sightings of Polar Bears with cubs during our recent trip to Svalbard Sperm Whales, Baja A truly amazing encounter with more than 90 Sperm Whales Humpback Whales, Baja A lively group of Humpback Whales just off the Gorda Banks, Baja. Bengal Tigers of Kanha, India The Bengal Tiger is without doubt the iconic species of India and its top predator Gaur, Kanha, India Watching a herd of India’s largest bovine is an impressive experience. Spotted Deer and Sambar at a waterhole, Kanha, India Spotted Deer and Sambar are the favourite prey of tigers so it is not surprising that they are nervous coming to a waterhole when they think a tiger is in the vicinity Southern Royal Albatross, Campbell Island, New Zealand The majestic Southern Royal Albatross has an impressive 3-3.5m wing span. The sights and sounds of these amazing birds will live with me for a very long time. McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, 2018 A large male Type C Orca checking out the ice edge Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, 2018 The Ice Shelf is an impressive sight and we had good, yet constantly changing light which showed this magnificent natural wonder in all its glory Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, 2018 Antarctic Minke Whales feeding in front of the ice cliff. Off Cape Bird, Ross Island, Antarctica, 2018 The spectacle and sounds of the ship breaking ice. Looking down on the bow as the ice is brushed aside is a special experience Off Cape Adare, Antarctica, 2018 Crabeater Seals lounging on the pack ice: the world’s most abundant pinniped Off Cape Adare, Antarctica, 2018 Numerous Adelie Penguins occupied the ice floes: everyone’s idea of the archetypal penguin Off Cape Adare, Antarctica, 2018 Large gatherings of Southern Giant Petrels including many "white morphs" on the ice floes Macquarie Island, Australian Sub Antarctic, 2018 Moulting sub-adult Southern Elephant Seals were littered along the beach and despite the moult, they still had the energy to practice jousting Macquarie Island, Australian Sub Antarctic, 2018 The King Penguins strutted around, their beautiful and brightly coloured faces pointed to the sky as if to exert their superiority over the much smaller Royal Penguins. Macquarie Island, Australian Sub Antarctic, 2018 Gregarious Royal Penguins making their way back and forth from the rookery Enderby Island, New Zealand Sub Antarctic, 2018 The fearless Sub Antarctic (or Brown) Skua Enderby Island, New Zealand Sub Antarctic, 2018 The New Zealand (or Hookers) Sea lions are the only Sea Lion restricted to South New Zealand waters and are the rarest of all Sea Lions Enderby Island, New Zealand Sub Antarctic, 2018 Yellow-eyed Penguins: the rarest of all the penguins. Antarctic Petrel, Antarctica, 2018 We saw large numbers of these birds around the ship particularly in areas with pack ice and icebergs. Taking advantage of the strong winds they would pass the ship at great speed.
Gibson’s Albatross, New Zealand sub Antarctic, 2018 One of the Great Albatrosses. Always a delight to watch. Southern Royal Albatross, New Zealand sub Antarctic Islands, 2018 These impressive birds have a wing span of up to 3.5m!! Cape Petrel, Southern Ocean, 2018 This very manoeuvrable flyer followed our ship for several days riding the wind currents eddying around us.
White-capped Albatross, New Zealand sub Antarctic Islands, 2018 Lovely birds to watch as they ride the ocean wind currents. Campbell Albatross, New Zealand sub Antarctic, 2018 The eye shading of these lovely birds makes them look very angry! Greater Snow Petrel, Ross Sea, 2018 These brilliant white birds kept us company for many days. Salvin’s Albatross, off the Auckland Islands, New Zealand sub Antarctic These graceful and attractive birds were a delight to watch as they skimmed the waves and soared aloft. Northern Giant Petrels, New Zealand sub Antarctic These albatross-sized birds kept us company for some time. South Polar Skua, Ross Sea, 2018 This large gull-like Skua with very striking white primary flashes would glide effortlessly around the ship.
Great Bear Rainforest, 2017 The elusive Spirit Bear on Gribbell Island Great Bear Rainforest, 2017 A very close Encounter with a Spirit Bear Great Bear Rainforest, 2017 Bubblenet feeding Humpback Whales Great Bear Rainforest, 2017 The sight and sounds of Humpback Whale blows Great Bear Rainforest, 2017 Two Spirit Bears fishing on Gribbell Island Great Bear Rainforest, 2017 A young Spirit Bear arrives on the scene Svalbard, 2017 A Polar Bear scavenging at the ice edge Svalbard, 2017 A Polar Bear plays with a Narwhal's penis Svalbard, 2017 Two Polar Bear cubs play with a block of ice Svalbard, 2017 Polar Bears with a male Narwhal carcass Svalbard, 2017 A Polar Bear family take time out Svalbard, 2017 A Polar Bear with triplet yearlings Svalbard, 2017 Triplet Polar Bear yearlings Svalbard, 2017 A Walrus haul out Svalbard, 2017 A Polar Bear with two cubs of the year Svalbard, 2017 Six Polar Bears feeding on a female Narwhal carcass Indonesia, 2017 Graceful Manta Rays Danum Valley, Borneo, 2017 Playful Red Leaf Monkeys (also known as Maroon Langur) Komodo Island, Indonesia, 2017 The impressive Komodo Dragon Rinca Island, Indonesia, 2017 Amazing Komodo Dragons Baja 2017 Trip Highlights Baja, 2017 Northern Elephant Seals Isla San Benito, Baja, 2017 Ospreys feeding their chick Sea of Cortez, 2017 Humpback Whales at sunset Sea of Cortez, 2017 Rafts of Eared Grebes Sea of Cortez, 2017 Common and Bottlenose Dolphins have fun Sea of Cortex, 2017 Whale Sharks impress Sea of Cortez, 2017 Blue Whales with a calf Sea of Cortez, 2017 Playful Sea Lions Sea of Cortez, 2017 Leaping Munk's Mobula Rays Jawai, India, 2017 Rock climbing Leopards Falkland Islands, 2016 Southern Elephant Seals Falkland Islands, 2016 A noisy and chaotic Gentoo Penguin colony Falkland Islands, 2016 South American Fur Seals and their young Falkland Islands, 2016 Swimming Gentoo Penguins Buraca des Araras, Brazil, 2016 Noisy Red and Green Macaws Pantanal, Brazil, 2016 Various Hawks fishing Pantanal, Brazil, 2016 Ringed Kingfishers go fishing Southern Pantanal, Brazil, 2016 Amazing Giant Anteaters Pantanal, Brazil, 2016 Impressive Caiman SE Alaska, 2016 Fast moving Dall's Porpoise SE Alaska, 2016 Lunge-feeding Humpback Whales Seymour Canal, SE Alaska, 2016 Humpback Whales Kodiak Island, Alaska Kodiak Bears of Geographic Harbour Geographic Harbour, Kodiak Island, Alaska. A magnificent Coastal Wolf Svalbard, 2016 Polar Bears interact over a seal kill Svalbard, 2016 Walrus Svalbard, 2016 Fulmars ride the wind Alkefjellet, Svalbard, 2016 Guillemot Games Monacobreen, Svalbard, 2016 Kittiwakes and Arctic Terns Diskobukta, Svalbard, 2016 A scavenging Arctic Fox Diskobukta, Svalbard, 2016 Kittiwakes everywhere Svalbard, 2016 A rare sighting of Bowhead Whales Steigen, Norway, 2016 White-Tailed Sea Eagles go fishing Sea of Cortez, 2016 Bioluminescence Sea of Cortez, 2016 Lunge-feeding Humpback Whales Pantanal, 2015 Mating Jaguars - a remarkable sight. Botswana, 2015 Majestic Kudu Botswana, 2015 A range of birds at a water hole Botswana, 2015 Sable Botswana, 2015 A rare view of a Pangolin Great Bear Rainforest, 2014 A Spirit Bear with two black cubs SE Alaska, 2013 Does a transient Orca take a salmon?