Nature red in tooth and claw!

Cheetah and her cub on a kill. This is not an easy film to watch! We saw this Cheetah and her cub in the distance and realised that she had just caught a Thomson’s Gazelle. She was panting heavily and it was evident that we had missed the take down by just a few minutes at most. She had left the dispatch of the poor creature to her cub as a training excercise. Sad for the Gazelle but good to see this Cheetah family getting a meal and to witness the cub learning the life skills it will need in the not too distant future. The cheetah has been classified as vulnerable by the IUCN. There may be as few as 12,000 cheetah in Africa and the fear is that the populations are in gradual decline. So it was good to see this Cheetah and her cub doing well.


Shoot Location

Cheetah and her three cubs At an African Wild Dog den