Nature red in tooth and claw!

Crocodiles kill Wildebeest in the Mara River. It’s bonanza time for the Crocodiles of the Mara River, Tanzania when the great migration reaches the river. Hundreds of thousands of Wildebeest will cross the rive in predictable spots. The Crocodiles are waiting. The Wildebeest are nervous about entering these Crocodile infested waters but once one takes the plunge they all follow. Many times the Crocodiles try to take an unfortunate Wildebeest and fail. Occasionally they are successful. Sometimes, even though they strike and grab an animal, the Wildebeest struggle and free themselves from the Crocodile’s powerful jaws. A true wildlife spectacle!


Shoot Location

The great migration: Wildebeest crossing the Mara river Buzzards successfully raise a chick.