It was a treat to see these young Leopard cubs interacting with their mother.

Fabulous Leopard with adorable cubs (Part 2). Meet Nelangu and her two, two-month old cubs in the Maasai Mara (for the second time). This rocky outcrop was a perfect place for her to have a den affording maximal protection and a good vantage point. Nelangu is an old and experienced Leopard and it is likely that these young cubs will be her last.

Knowing that this adorable family were always in and around this rock meant we spent many hours staking it out to get views of the family. Our patience was reward over the course of several days as we managed some lovey sightings. It was beautiful to watch the cubs playing and interacting with Nelangu.

After a few days she was forced to move the cubs to a different place after a pride of lions appeared close to the den and hung around for a day or so.


Shoot Location

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