These rare and attractive yet feisty seals are a joy to watch.

On San Benitos Islands just of the the Baja Californian coast there is a small colony of Guadalupe Fur Seals and we were lucky to see them on our visit there in April 2018. The vast majority of these rare seals are found on Guadalupe Island. These attractive yet feisty seals were almost hunted to extinction in the late 19th century and not seen again until the 1920s, so it is gratifying to see them thriving on these islands. Their numbers fell to fewer than 500 animals and there now may be more than 15,000 animals and their population is thought to be growing. These seals are sexually dimorphic with males up to two times longer and up to four times larger than females. Pups are born between June and August. The adult females range over vast distances seeking food so they are able to sustain the pup.


Shoot Location

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