A mobile group of Ring-tailed Lemurs – Madagascar 2023

A mobile group of Ring-tailed Lemurs. As the sun rose in Berenty Private Reserve, Madagascar the chill of the morning began to disappear. The Ring-tailed Lemurs began to warm up and soon became active. They had come down from the tree they had roosted in overnight and seemed to enjoy climbing a tree as they made their way to their morning feeding trees. Some stopped on the way to soak up some of the morning sun. This group had several females with young.

The Ring-tailed Lemur is a true icon of Madagascan (Malagasy) wildlife. They live in large social groups and they the most terrestrial of all the lemurs. They live in a wide variety of extreme environments. They stand about 45 cm tall and have a tail that is an impressive 62cm long.

It is great shame that these iconic animals are threatened by human activity. Their rarity and uniqueness makes them worth protecting.