At an African Wild Dog den – Tanzania, 2019

At an African Wild Dog den. This African wild dog den was an hour’s drive from Ndutu Safari Lodge. When we arrived we saw three adults asleep some distance from the den. The alpha female (collared) was near the den. The alpha male went in to the den and then ten pups emerged. What an amzing sight. Then more adults arrived and there then ensued an extended period of socialising. After getting a good feed, the pups began playing. It was only the fading light which caused us to head back to camp.

I decided to leave the original audio inplace. It was rather windy but it is still just possible to hear the vovalisation of the pups as they fed and played.

The African wild dog has several names in English and include “painted wolf”, “painted hunting dog” and “painted lycaon”. They are highly social animals and live in permanent packs of 2-27 adults and yearling pups. African wild dogs are very proficient pack hunters. The alpha male and female dominate breeding.