At the water hole – Lewa, Kenya 2022

At the water hole.

We visited this waterhole in the Lewa Conservancy, Kenya a number of times because many animals use this very important water source during the course of a day. It was possible to get into various positions for filming. One of these gave magical views across the plains to Mount Kenya in the distance. Striking to see a mountain with snow whist watching animals in the heat of the day. On the occasions when it was not breezy it was possible to capture some nice refections.

To see rhino and elephants at the same water hole was dramatic. Watching Giraffe drinking is always surprising and this one almost slipped into the water hole. Having Grevy’s Zebra and Plains Zebra together just emphasises the key differences. Grevy’s Zebra is much larger with narrower strips and larger ears. On safari one often forgets to look at Impala: they are actually graceful animals. At the water hole there was usually something of interest to watch. It was also a very good location for our breakfast stops with such massive vistas.