Cheetah family on an Impala kill – Maasai Mara 2024

Cheetah family on an Impala kill. We had just seen this cheetah take down an impala in the Naboisho Conservancy, Maasai Mara, Kenya. After recovering from the chase she left the carcass and went to find her four, six month old cubs. We had been following this family for a few days and knew that they had not had anything to eat and they were clearly very hungry. The mother was nervous of a nearby lugga and kept looking back at it whilst she and the cubs ate. We learned later that a leopard was in the lugga so she was wise to be very wary. Fortunately, the leopard stayed away and there was no sign of hyenas. So the family could enjoy their feast in peace. They stayed on the carcass for almost two hours. It was so good to see this very hungry cheetah family on an impala kill and to know they had had a substantial meal.