Cheetah takes a Grant’s Gazelle – Maasai Mara 2024

Cheetah takes a Grant’s Gazelle. We spent several days following this cheetah and her four six month old cubs in the Naboisho Conservancy, Maasai Mara, Kenya. The mother was an accomplished hunter and had done well to raise four cubs. In the pouring rain she had been carefully following some Grant’s Gazelles. One of the gazelles became detached from the herd and the cheetah set off after it. The speed of the chase was remarkable. This lovely big cat was able to bring down the antelope and once it had been killed she immediately started calling for her cubs. All four cubs arrived at the kill a short time later. They were soaked from the rain and had a good shake before tucking into their food. A superb sighting as a cheetah takes a Grant’s gazelle and the four adorable cubs get a very good meal.