Fighting Lions – Maasai Mara 2022

Fighting Lions. In the Maasai Mara there is considerable turmoil between the Enkoyanai and Dikidiki lion prides. Six young males and five young females from the Dikidiki pride are being pushed out of their pride and the Enkoyanai males are intent on keeping them out their own territory. As a consequence, there was a lot of lion interactions. We were lucky to see three rather dramatic fights.

The first fight resulted when a female from the Dikidiki pride made a bold advance towards on of the Enkoyanai males. His reaction was quite remarkable and caught us by surprise. The second fight was between the two brothers of the Enkoyanai pride and was very dramatic indeed. The third fight was less dramatic but fascinating to watch. The male carefully stalked up to the lone female. Each time she turned her head he would freeze and only move forward once more when she turned away. When he made his move she reacted immediately and easily won the encounter. After each fight peace reigned. Quite an experience to see these Lions fighting.