Frosty Bison and tree – Yellowstone, USA 2023

Frosty Bison and tree. Bison are one of the iconic species of Yellowstone National Park. In winter they can become covered in frost. Frost-encrusted trees are also a feature of the Park in winter. This is particularly the case when bison and trees are close to the geysers. Steam form the nearby Geyers can be seen drifting across the scene. The steaming river just added to the ethereal feel of the scene. For me this scene with frosty bison and tree is archetypal Yellowstone National Park in winter. So I tried to captured it in this very short film.

Bison are massive creatures. Adults can be up to 2m in height and 3.5m in length. They can weigh unto 1,270kg. Bison travel in herds and are nomadic grazers. There is nothing quite like seeing a herd of bison in the massive landscape that is Yellowstone National Park.