Glacier calving at Neko Harbour – Antarctica, 2020

Glacier calving at Neko Harbour. The glacier at Neko Harbour is renown for serious calving activity. So much so that once on shore it is necessary to keep well back from the shore line since in the event of a major calving, a tsunami can be created that may swamp the beach area. We landed at Neko Harbour in good conditions and I set up my camera on a rocky promontory looking out over the glacier. There were several nice carvings but getting the camera on to them was a difficult task. This is the best I achieved. This calving caused a mini tsunami with small waves reaching the beach below.

A landing at Neko Harbour Neko Harbour is a landing on the continent of Antarctica and is a must on any trip to the peninsular. Neko harbour is also a stunningly beautiful place. It was discovered by Adrien de Gerlache during his 1897-99 expedition and is named after the Norwegian whaling ship, Neko, which often plied its awful trade in Andvord Bay: Neko harbour lies on the eastern shore of this bay.