Grizzly Bears play fighting – Khutzeymateen Valley, British Columbia, Canada 2024

Grizzly Bears play fighting. In the Khutzeymateen Valley, in Canada’s British Columbia we had seen this his male and female Grizzly Bears mating earlier. Now, in the distance we could see that they were now sparring in the long sedge grass. We endeavoured to get closer to them which we did and they put on quite a show for us. As they grappled with one another water droplets flew through the air. The sedge meadow and the forest in the background was a perfect setting to watch Grizzly Bears play fighting. But filming from a constantly moving Zodiac can be a challenge!

The Khutzeymateen Valley is Canada’s only Grizzly Bear sanctuary and was established in 1992. At 39,000 hectares the Valley is 40 km north of Prince Rupert on British Columbia’s coast. It is thought the area is home to up to 60 Grizzly Bears. With its dense rainforest and high cliffs it is a magical place. For the most part the only sound comes from the many waterfalls that run down the mountain sides, through the forest and into the inlet. In May when we visited, the Grizzly Bears had not long come out of hibernation and they were fattening up on sedge and clams.