Howling African Golden Wolf – Amboseli, Kenya 2023

Howling African Golden Wolf. Prior to 2015, the African Golden Wolf was known as the Golden jackal. But detailed genetic analysis showed that the Golden Jackal was more closely related to grey wolves than they are to Eurasian Golden Jackals. Hence the African Golden Wolf (Canis anthus) and The Eurasian Golden Jacket (Canis aureus moreoticus) became two distinct species.

We had been following this family of African golden wolves for some time. Suddenly, one of the adults began to howl – a vey different sound to that of the jackals. Very wolf like if somewhat more high pitched and lighter. Howls are used to keep intruders at bay and to attract family members. Howling in chorus probably reinforces family bonds. Certainly, the howls had us transfixed as the adult ran away howling as it went. Watching the interaction between these dainty animals was very engaging.

The African Golden Wolf is 38-50cm at the shoulder and weighs between 7 and 15kg. Working in pairs they will try to find gazelle fawns. But often they will seek out smaller prey such as snakes and insects.