Jaguar by the waterhole – Pantanal, Brazil 2019

Jaguar by the waterhole. Late in the evening after a hot day, we came across this collared Jaguar lying in the shade beside a large waterhole. This Jaguar, named Gaia, plays an important role in the Oncafari project which seek to protect the Jaguar population at Caiman Lodge in the Southern Pantanal of Brazil. The collar allows the team to collect important information about the Jaguar but it makes for less than attractive viewing. One of the reasons we wanted to spend time with this particular Jaguar is that she has a young cub and we were hoping that the cub would make an appearance. Sadly, this did not happen. Nevertheless, spending time with this magnificent Jaguar as she rolled around, drank from the waterhole, swished her tail in the water and then swam off was time well spent.