Leopard on a kill in a tree – Maasai Mara 2024

Leopard on a kill in a tree. In Kenya’s Maasai Mara, the previous day we had seen a leopard with a kill in the tree. We knew the leopard was resting during the day in some dense bushes close by. We thought in the afternoon she would return to her kill because there was plenty of meat still on the Thompson’s Gazelle. So we positioned our vehicle in such a way as to try and get the very best view of this lovely bug cat as she climbed the tree. This seemed to work well as the leopard approached the tree and with an effortless grace but impressive power the cat easily climbed the tree and began to feed on the carcass. In doing so she nearly dropped the carcass but again her power and strength were on display as she held on to the weighty carcass and repositioned in the tree and began to eat once more. As the afternoon drew on the storm clouds began to gather and the wind picked up. It was fascinating to watch the leopard on a kill in a tree which was swaying about in the strong wind. Her poise and balance were remarkable. It was getting dark and the rain was coming so we were forced to retreat to our base at Kicheche Bush Camp in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy. We speculated that she would spend the night in the tree. So we planned an early start to be at the tree at first light.

When we awoke it was to see a very heavy fog enveloping the camp but we made our way back to the tree to see what would happen. The fog made the setting very surreal! The leopard was still in the tree near the carcass so we waited. Eventually she came down the tree and disappeared back into the bushes. The fog certainly made for an atmospheric conclusion to this encounter with a leopard on a kill in a tree.