Lioness battles hyenas, jackals and vultures over a hippo carcass – Maasai Mara 2024

Lioness battles hyenas, jackals and vultures over a hippo carcas.  Two male lions from the River pride in Kenya’s Mara North Conservancy in the Maasai Mara had managed to take down an adult hippo. After they had had their fill other members of the pride moved in. When we arrived on the scene the satiated lions were sleeping in some nearby bushes. In their absence the usual band of scavengers were taking advantage of the opportunity. Hyenas, jackals and vultures were all present. The hyenas were very nervous of the lions close by and were often looking in their direction. As usual there was much squabbling between the hyenas and the vultures were constantly quibbling over the carcass. Some movement caught the eyes of the hyenas and they started to back off. Suddenly a very well fed lioness burst on the scene and the scavengers scattered with much fluttering of wings and yelps from the hyena. Clearly the lioness was too full to contemplate eating because she immediately returned to the bushes.