Polar Bear enjoys a dip in the sea – Svalbard, 2022

Polar Bear enjoys a dip in the sea. A Sperm Whale carcass had washed up on the shores of Lomfjorden, Spitsbergen (Svalbard) sometime ago and had become mostly buried in the pebbles on the shore. This was a magnet for Polar Bears as it provides food for many months. We had encountered several bears on or around the carcass. This bear had spent time feeding and then decided to have a dip in the sea. It put on a great display for us before returning to shore and then wandering off.

What a great pity that the environment that these bears rely on is so threatened by climate change and global warming. Let’s hope the world acts before it is too late for these magnificent creatures.

Filming this from the zodiac was a challenge given the choppy sea and strong current which constantly moved the zodiac away from the bear.