Snowy Bison near fumaroles – Yellowstone, USA 2023

Snowy Bison near fumaroles. It was a bitterly cold morning near the track to the Artemisia geyser in Yellowstone National Park. The geyser and fumaroles were emitting large amounts of steam that was freezing on the trees creating a veritable winter wonderland. There standing amongst the frost-laden trees was a lone bull bison covered in snow and frost. He moved slowly around, bulldozing the snow aside with is jaw, powered by massive muscles in his shoulders, in order to reach grass below the snow. This grass is very low in nutrients but just enough to get this massive creature through the winter. Bison like to be near geysers and fumaroles because their warmth stops the snow from attain serious depths. The steam from the fumaroles is clearly visible blowing across the scene. Snowy Bison near fumaroles is a typical winter scene in Yellowstone National Park.

Bison are massive creatures. Adults can be up to 2m in height and 3.5m in length. They can weigh unto 1,270kg. Bison travel in herds and are nomadic grazers. There is nothing quite like seeing a herd of bison in the massive landscape that is Yellowstone National Park.