The beautiful Yalour Islands and its Adelie Penguins – Antarctica, 2020

The beautiful Yalour Islands and its Adelie Penguins. It was an overcast and snowy day which made the setting all the more magical. The distant blows of Humpback Whales just audible above the din from the penguin colonies, enhanced this wonderful scene.

The Yalour Islands and rocks are some 2.8 km in extent in the southern part of the Wilhelm Archipelago on the Antarctic Peninsula. It is a stunningly beautiful part of the peninsula. They contain several colonies of breeding Adelie Penguins. Adelie Penguins can be seen sitting on eggs, feeding chicks and generally being boisterous. They are feisty birds and love a good punch up (see my film of fighting Adelie penguins:

Adelie penguins are perhaps everyone’s idea of the archetypal penguin with its black and white plumage and conspicuous white eye ring. Adelie penguins stand up to 70cm tall and weigh up to 8kg. Along with the Emperor Penguin it is the most southerly distributed of all the penguins and is found along the entire coast of Antarctica. They lay two eggs which are incubated for 32-37 days and the chicks fledge after 41-64 days. Both adults incubate and feed the chicks which after 2-3 weeks join creches which allows both parents to to feed.