The Jaguar and the Tortoise – Pantanal, Brazil 2019

The Jaguar and the Tortoise. We had been watching this Jaguar for sometime since she had two cubs. We were hoping that the cubs would come out and join her. Sadly, this did not happen. However, a Red-footed Tortoise emerged and went down to the waterhole for a drink. This caught the attention of the Jaguar. One lucky Tortoise!
This Jaguar is called Fera. She was made famous by being one of two sisters rescued after their mother was killed. The sisters were raised in capitivity by oncasafri ( but in such away that they could be re-introduced into the wild. That whole process was made into a documentary by the BBC and narrated by David Attenborough. Well worth watching.
It was such a privilege to have spent time with this beautiful Jaguar now at home in the wild. She is collared so the Oncafari workers can keep track of her.