Yearling Brown Bear cub has a good scratch – Alaska 2018

We called this yearling Brown Bear cub, Goofball. He would spend all his time just messing around whilst his mother did all the hard work. We watched with delight as he rolled around having a damned good scratch. Silver Salmon Creek, Lake Clark was a great place to watch Brown Bears: wide expansive beaches and beautiful river systems with a backdrop of snow-covered mountains and a view towards the Kenai Peninsula.

Females are normally more than nine years old when they successfully produce their first litter. Females can produce up to six cubs but the typical litter size is two-three. Sadly, just before we arrived at Silver Salmon Creek, Goofball lost his sibling to an attack by an adult Brown Bear. Cubs are born in a den January/February emerging in May/June weighing just 7-9kg and stay with their mother for three years.

These bears will eat a range of vegetation and once the salmon start to run they gorge themselves on this abundant food source in preparation for the winter months and hibernation.