Active Humpback Whales – Baja, Mexico 2022

Active Humpback Whales. After a few days of rough seas in the The Sea of Cortez, we headed south in search of calmer waters near the Gorda Banks and hopefully to find some active Humpback Whales. Thankfully the whales performed for us but there was still a substantial swell which made filming these amazing creatures quite a challenge. It was exciting to see these huge creatures breaching, tail lobbing and tail breaching. It is extraordinary how these 40 tonne animals can launch themselves backwards out of the water. It is equally remarkable to watch them breach such that their entire body is out of the water. The Gorda Banks are located at the southern tip of the Baja peninsular and comprise a a series of underwater pinnacles that rise to within 40m of the surface and are teeming with wildlife. Active Humpback whales are a feature of this area in December to April.