Stunning Humpback Whales – Baja, Mexico 2022

Stunning Humpback Whales. Sailing south from San Diego along the Pacific coast of Baja it is not unusual to encounter rough seas. On this occasion it was unusually calm and sunny. We encountered a group of five stunning Humpback Whales in near perfect conditions. This group comprised a female and her primary escort and three (sometimes four) other males. The female and her escort were at the front of the group with the other males a little further away. There was some fighting but at depth.

Watching these whales a few metres below the surface as they swam gracefully to the surface was magical. The sound of their blows is so dramatic with the blow reaching some 4-5m into the air. The angle of the sun caused lovely rainbows to appear in the blows. A perfect encounter with these stunning Humpback Whales.

Viewed through this clear water one can begin to appreciate the size of these impressive animals. They are 11-15m in length with the flippers up to one third of the body length.