Chinstrap Penguins – Antarctica 2020

These Chinstrap Penguins were on Georges Point at the north end of Ronge Isalnd in Antarctica. It had been a bit of a climb to get up there – first across rocks and boulders and then deep snow. It is remarkable that these hardy birds make their nests in such exposed places. I have left the original sound on this film to give a sense of just how wind swept this location is and the conditions the pengiuins have to face. Many birds with their chicks were on their nests which are made up of small stones. The chicks were being fed on a regular basis.
The colony on Georges Point is a mixed Chinstrap Penguin and Gentoo Penguin colony. The unmistakable call of the Gentoos can be heard in the background.

Chinstrap Penguin colonies are noisy places. These medium sized birds stand up to 75cm tall and can weigh up to 5kg. They are highly gregarious. Chinstrap Penguins are monogamous and thought to form long-lasting pair bonds.