Skuas feeding their chick – Antarctica 2020

Skuas feeding their chick. I had been watching a mixed Chinstrap Penguin and Gentoo Penguin colony when I noticed there was a pair of Skuas close by along with their chick. This was a very convenient place for them to be since food in the form of young penguin chicks was readily avialable nearby. The adults flew off leaving the chick alone. But soon one adult returned, regurgitated an almost intact Chinstrap Penguin chick which its own chick started to sample. But to my surprise the adult then re-swallowed the dead chick whole. They were then joined by the second adult which also regurgitated part of a penguin chick and then a three way tug-of-war began before the trio disappeared behind a rock. Fantastic and unexpected encounter.
This was shot at Georges Point on Ronge Island.