Grevy’s Zebra fighting – Lewa, Kenya 2022

Grevy’s Zebra fighting. On the plains of Lewa Conservancy, North Kenya we found this small herd of Grevy’s zebra. As we watched two stallions started to fight. A rather spectacular sight to see Grevy’s Zebra fighting. After a short scuffle all returned to calm and grazing.

Grevy’s Zebras are very striking animals. They are the largest of the Zebra species and are notable for their very narrow black striping without shadow stripes. A pronounced black stripe runs from the tail along the length of the spine.They have remarkably large ears. Sadly their numbers have declined by more than 90% since the 1960s meaning that they are now endangered. They were once extensively hunted for their skins. Now they face competition with domestic animals for water and grazing. Some believe that they may become extinct in the next 50 years. Hopefully, the efforts of the Lewa Conservancy will ensure these very attractive animals survive.