White Rhino on a hill side – Lewa, Kenya 2022

White Rhino on a hill side. It was late afternoon when we found this wonderful White Rhino up an the hillside above a beautiful valley in The Lewa Conservancy in North Kenya. To be up close and personal with this magnificent animal was very exciting. Our guide had positioned the vehicle just below the White Rhino on a hill side so we got nice shots at almost eye level. It is clear to see why the more appropriate name for the White Rhino is Squared-lipped Rhinoceros. Their lips are perfect for their life as a grazer. Very often White Rhinos have their heads down as they constantly graze. We were fortunate that this individual held its head high on numerous occasions.

White Rhinos are larger than their black counterpart and have a distinct hump at the shoulder. White Rhinos can reach 5m in length, and 1.8m at the shoulder. The female White Rhino can weigh an impressive 1700 kg whilst the male can be up to 2300kg.