Guadalupe Fur Seals – Baja, Mexico 2022

Guadalupe Fur Seals.

By the late 19th century Guadalupe Fur Seals had been hunted to almost extinction and was only “re-discovered” in 1926. The population has grown from around 200-500 animals to about 16,000 in the last 60 years. They are considered Near Threatened by the IUCN. So it is a real privilege to be able to visit a small colony of these feisty animals on the island of San Benitos just off the western cost of the Baja California peninsula. A rookery of Guadalupe Fur Seals is rarely a quiet and peaceful place. There is always a lot of bickering between its members, so it is always enjoyable to spend time watching the antics of these rare creatures.

This footage was taken by Jenny Varley ( and edited by