Indri calling out across the forest – Madagascar 2023

Indri calling out across the forest. It was a hot and steamy day in the Analamazaotra Special Reserve, Madagascar. After a lengthy walk we came upon a group of Indri high up in the trees. As we watched we could hear another group further away start calling. The Indri closest to us replied. What a sound! The call is the striking feature of this amazing Lemur. It is the third loudest call of any primate and it will carry for 3-4 Km across the forest. The calls help maintain territorial integrity.

The Indri is some 0.7m tall with a vestigial tail which is less than 5 cm long. Indri live in small family groups of 2-6 individuals comprising a monogamous couple and offspring of various ages. Indri are capable of leaping considerable distances between tree canopy.

It is great shame that these iconic animals are threatened by human activity. Their rarity and uniqueness makes them worth protecting.