An epic battle between Hyenas and African Wild Dogs over an Impala carcass – Botswana 2023

An epic battle between Hyenas and African Wild dogs over an Impala carcass. We had been following this pack of African Wild Dogs in Botswana for some time. We first found them as they relaxed in the heat of the day around a termite mound. They moved off to drink before setting off to hunt. We followed as they trotted along. Suddenly they set off at a pace and we could see a herd of Impala some distance away. We saw a couple of dogs take down the unfortunate Impala, more dogs had arrived and they made sort work of eating most of it. Then all the puppies arrived with loud vocalisations and had their fill.

In the background we then heard the unmistakable call of Hyenas. Soon after, the Hyenas arrived at the site of the kill and there then ensued a battle over the carcass. Fortunately, there was no harm done to either dogs or the Hyenas. Eventually, the Hyenas made off with the carcass but it seemed that the dogs had their fill.