Lions take down a zebra as a storm builds – Maasai Mara 2024

Lions take down a zebra as a storm builds. Close to Kicheche Bush Camp in the Olare Motorogi Conservancy, Kenya, Africa we saw that a pride of lions had spotted a small herd (a dazzle) of zebra as they prepared to cross the river. The lions immediately started to stalk the zebra, whilst the zebra were unaware of the imminent danger. Then a small lion cub ran out into the open and we thought the cub had spoiled the hunt. However, the pride struck immediately as the zebra crossed the river. We didn’t see the actual takedown because we were some distance away and it happened hidden by the river bank. We were on the scene very soon after and witnessed the final moments of the zebra. This was going to be a very good and important feast for this pride. The cubs were major beneficiaries as the adult lions take down a zebra. Nature red in tooth and claw. As we watched, the sky turned inky black as a major storm began to build and the light became gorgeous. Sadly, it was time to leave in case we could not get back across the river to our camp.